10 things I say often to college students

1) – You don’t know nearly as much as you think you know.  Be  teachable!

2) – Stop consuming from the church & start being the church.  Be a contributor!

3) – You have an enormous amount of influence right now – Use it.  Be a leader!

4) -You don’t need a study on the minor prophets or some obscure passage of scripture you need to apply the ones you know.  Be a learner!

5) – Be generous – Start giving now of your time & money.  It makes it easier when you get older.  Be a giver!

6) – Stop chasing whats cool in the church & start chasing Jesus.  Don’t worship the tools / worship the savior.  Be a worshiper!

7) – Dream God sized dreams.  If your biggest dreams can be accomplished without God they aren’t big enough.  Be apostolic!

8) – Dream God dreams not you dreams.  If in your biggest dreams you get the glory that dream isn’t from God.  Be humble!

9) – Find someone who looks like Jesus to you & ask them to disciple you.  Be a disciple!

10) – Don’t waste the next four years of your life.  You may be standing on the largest missions field you will ever stand on. Be a missionary!

What would you add?


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