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What I am most excited about this semester!

When we started the Avenue Church we knew from the very start that most of our community of faith would be in transition.  Our church is located on UofL’s campus and we are made up of around 65%  college students and many young adults.  We knew that we had a short window to make a difference as most students are here for between 5 to 7 years.  So we came up with some very simple value statements that we discuss repeatedly with our team.

They are:





As we look at the life of Christ this is the pattern we see in his life & the rhythm that we see him leaning into in his relationships.  So we attempt to “live as he lived and walk as he walked” and do the same.  So in order to maximize our impact with students we realized that we need to give them more than simply information about God on Sunday mornings & that if we really wanted to become a family on mission together than we would need to create intentional pathways for students to be intentionally discipled, trained, sent out (released) and coached!

Most students want to make a difference, they want to find a living faith, they are beginning to dream God sized dreams they simply don’t know how to get there.  So we created the multiplicity project in our first 2 years over 10 students participated, many of them are now in full-time Christian ministry!

This year our ministry has reached a tipping point, we have so many students desiring to be involved & a huge amount of students wanting to go beyond information transfer & desiring real life on life discipleship & leadership.  We have more students than ever involved in Missional Communities & we are beginning to launch a new MC for college students.

This weekend over 30 students signed up to be a part of our Apprentice program and this is only after one week of announcing it!  This means 30 students @ UofL will be mentored, discipled, huddled with other leaders, will be in prayer groups daily & will be involved in leadership at the Avenue.  What is most exciting about this is that these students will all be discipled so that they can go & disciple others.  So let’s do the math, lets imagine these 30 students spend a year with us being trained, disicpled, coached & mentored then they all go & start groups of their own lets say next year they each start huddles of 6.

In 2 years over 180 students huddled & discipled.

If those 180 take 6 that’s 1080 students.

If the 1080 take 6 then we are at over 6400 students in under 5 years!

Pray for us that we create a movement of multiplying disciples & churches on secular college campuses & if you are interested in learning more about the multiplicity project we are also training church planters, interns & and leadership residents.

Here is the information:  it our small attempt to move beyond leadership training & be intentional with raising up the next generation of Kingdom workers!

Here is the full application & information – If you or someone you know is interested contact us

Multiplicity Project Handbook